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Are you ready to play Taskmaster VR?


Although you’re no Taskmaster novice, to play it in VR needs some guidance if you’re a Meta Quest rookie.

To get comfortable with wearing the headset, adjust the strap over your head so the lenses on the headset are directly in front of your eyes and adjust the straps for comfort. The controllers have wrist straps for you to safety hold them – we recommend using these as it can get physical while playing!


Setup TM VR

Click the button on the right-hand side of the headset for two seconds until you hear a sound, then release, this will turn it on.

You will be presented with a black and white view of your room and a prompt asking you to confirm your boundary – this is to mark out a safe area for you to play so you don’t accidentally bump into or trip over things in the real world while playing!

Follow the in-headset instructions to set this up as either a Stationary Boundary (most typically used when playing sitting down) or a Roomscale boundary (used while standing and moving) which you can draw yourself to avoid any objects and walls around your space.

You should then be greeted by the Home Screen of the Meta Quest – a full 360 environment.

A navigation bar will appear, if this does not, the start button on the left controller will open up the bar.

Navigate to the apps using the controller and click the trigger to click on the box with multiple squares inside.

This will open up apps installed on the device, with Taskmaster VR visible somewhere on that list. Have a scroll through to find it!

Once you’ve found it, click the game using the trigger button and the game will load.

You can decide to play Taskmaster VR sitting down or standing up, whatever is most comfortable to you.

If you decide to play it standing up, ensure you have plenty of space around you as the game can get quite physical.

At this stage no matter how you choose to play, the game will calibrate your height for you.

Follow the instructions presented to you to calibrate your height.

And …play! This is not the finished game, but hopefully it gives you a feel for it.

If you like what you see, we would be extremely grateful if you could tell your fans about Taskmaster VR, the Meta Quest and Scallywag Arcade.

The game is available to wishlist now and will be released to buy soon.

Your time starts now!

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